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Dedicated to bringing light into darkness (just like the fireflies), Fireflies Unite With Kea shares personal stories of individuals who are not only living with a mental health condition but THRIVING in their recovery. Named by Madame Noire as “one of the mental health podcasts for black women” and garnered 35,000+ downloads since its inception in January 2018,  Fireflies Unite seeks to educate communities of color on the various mental health conditions, self-care practices, offer resources and express the importance of tending to our mental and emotional health. 


​This podcast was birthed out a very dark place. After attempting suicide, I was looking for podcasts from the perspective of people who look like me living with a mental health condition. Simply put, I was looking for hope but not from a therapist or someone who did not have similar experiences. This platform allows me to no longer live in silence but more importantly, give others a voice too. I created this space for people to live in their truth and end the mental health stigma in communities of color.

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