How to Start Self-Care for Beginners

Self-care was something that I did not value or practice. In my eyes, self-care was an excuse people used to explain being selfish. You have to understand, I grew up a big sister and cousin so I constantly heard "stop being selfish and share."

After hearing a message so many times it sticks with you and becomes the way that you measure everything else. When I got to college I did not waste time investing in myself because that was selfish to my family and friends. I needed to be there for them and being there for them usually meant not being there for myself.

If your experiences taught you the same lesson: ‘Take Care of Others First.’ Allow me to be the first to disrupt your belief.

“Take care of yourself first and you will be a better help to others.” --- Tyshiana Johnson

If you give out all of your resources without replenishing them you will burn out. As someone who constantly would help others even when it would hurt my bank account, peace, and happiness I can tell you that self-care is a necessity.

What is Self-Care?

A blog post by Raphailia Michael, MA says that self-care is an intentional act that takes care of your emotional, physical, and mental well being.

It’s more than going to the nail salon, shopping, or taking a vacation. You should be aware of your well-being state by constantly evaluating each of those areas. Take it a step further, your daily routine should have activities that cater to each of those areas.