10 Tips To Building A Support System

A social network is vital to your well-being especially when you live with a mental health condition. Organizations such as the National Alliance On Mental Illness hosts free support groups where people can connect and support others. Here To Help offers ten tips to help you build a support system.

1. Don’t be afraid to take social risks.

Seeking out new people and introducing yourself to them may be a useful way to meet others. For example, you may decide to go to a party, even though you won’t know anyone else at the event. Informal gatherings, community centers, recreational clubs, volunteer positions, schools and workplaces are also common places to meet people.

2. Get more from the support you have

It’s easy to assume that other people know what you need, but this is usually isn’t true. You may need to tell others what you need. Be as specific as possible in your requests. However, be careful not to overwhelm your supporters.

3. Reach out

Ask people you know to help you broaden your networks. For instance, if you have recently become sin