​Fireflies come out at night and create a beautiful light. When we battle with a mental illness or struggle emotionally, we often isolate ourselves and are left in a place of darkness. By normalizing the conversation about mental health within communities of color, we are uniting and bringing light to darkness (just like the fireflies) to foster healing and mental wellness.

The Fireflies Unite Podcast With Kea is a weekly podcast from the perspective of individuals thriving with a mental illness. The mission of the podcast is to encourage people of color to seek treatment, end the stigma and raise awareness by sharing stories. We want to show that mental illness does not have "a look"; it also includes everyday "high functioning" people. 

New episodes are available every Monday. You can listen by clicking the player on this page or selecting your preferred platform below.
  1. Tatum Harrison, PCM Business Coach
    "I recently listened to the pilot episode of the Fireflies Unite Podcast and loved it! Mental health is a taboo topic in the black community. What I appreciate about this podcast is that it is from the perspective of the person and not the mental health provider. This provides a level of reliability that I don’t think I would have gotten if I was listening to a podcast from the therapist perspective. I appreciate the transparency. Most of all, it will provide listeners with courage to tell their stories and live in their truth. Well done!" T. Harrison Consulting www.tatumtamia.com
  2. Kenny Jones The Comeback Kid
    "As a Black man, the stigma of struggling is the hardest thing to fight. What’s more interesting is how much we celebrate working on our physical health but do NOT celebrate working on our mental health. The Fireflies Unite Podcast is an amazing platform that removes this stigma. Kea doesn’t just provide lip service, she provides research from peer reviewed published studies which validated the resources she provided. As someone that overcame depression, I wish I knew about this podcast during the times I was knee deep in giving my power to others; it's such an incredible podcast." KJ Speaks Easy www.kjspeakseasy.com
  3. Carol Blymire Communications Consultant
    "I am thrilled to see Kea’s path helping communities of color talk more openly about depression, anxiety, and mental health. Kea’s first-hand experience living with depression, coupled with her communications experience, will help her reach men and women who’ve been told for years that they can “pray away the sadness” instead of getting real help that can help them be a full participant in their own lives and contribute meaningfully to society." Blymire Communications www.carolblymire.com
  4. Alesia Rhodes, MSM Behavior Interventionist
    "You had me in tears this morning! Your story sounds so much like mine....OMG. Thank you for creating this podcast. You are going to change lives with this! I'm the minister of music at my church and my lord, when you started talking about the church, I said...she is on it!" Trinity Life Solutions www.tlstherapy.com
  5. Don-Jill Dyson Franklin Performance Reporting Specialist
    "Great teaser episode! I could feel your emotions through my ear buds. You were authentic and vulnerable, and just beautiful! Looking forward to more. So proud to know you! Love you!" SEI Investments Systems